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Biddy on the Bench –
Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 7:30 pm

Biddy on the Bench’s origins go back to the winter of 2013, when the founding members met largely out of coincidence. Kevin, Casey, Noah, and Nick began carving out a niche in Portland, Oregon’s folk scene with a combination of ballads, pub classics, rebel songs, harmonized shanties, and traditional tunes.

 As venues began to open again in 2021 following quarantine, Biddy was once again delivering traditional music to the masses. The Biddy sound lives on!

“Biddy played in Yachats many years ago. Since that time, and with a few new members,  they have become a popular and well-respected addition to many Celtic festivals and events in the Northwest.”

Yachats Celtic Music Festival


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Fellow Pynins –
Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 7:30 pm

Fellow Pynins - Pistol River Concert Association

Fellow Pynins is an award winning contemporary transatlantic folk duo with a keen and bucolic sense of vocal harmony and song craft. The live performance is a whimsically emotional escapade through the chasms of our, yes, feelings.  Dashed with spontaneous and clever banter, mirth and woe, you will probably cry and quite possibly laugh, a lot.  Wielding claw-hammer banjo, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, and acoustic guitar the duo sings predominantly original music as well as reworked traditional ballads gathered from their travels.

Folk Music with a hefty touch of whimsy

Bob Boilen (NPR)

“Fellow Pynins will transport you into their haunting and beguiling world of love tales and spine-tingling harmonies… They’ll have you traveling far and wide to hear them again.”

Lisa Dunn (BBC)

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The Quitters –
Saturday, August 10, 2024 at 7:30 pm

The Quitters - Pistol River Concert

The Quitters is a guitar-and-vocals duo: a right-handed, right-side-up finger picker — Stevie Coyle — and a left-handed, upside-down flat picker — Glenn “Houston” Pomianek. These gents were two of the original members of The Waybacks quintet, and Glenn was the long-time lead guitarist for Americana powerhouse Houston Jones.

Glenn Houston’s guitarist influences range from Michael Bloomfield to Doc Watson, as shows in his mastery of both the acoustic and electric guitar. Glenn has been voted Best Guitarist by the Northern California Bluegrass Society and has shared billing with Emmylou Harris, Merle Haggard, Earl Scruggs, Doc and Merle Watson, Willie Nelson and countless other famous artists.

Stevie Coyle was inspired to take up finger-picking guitar by the first Hot Tuna album. After securing degrees in Theatre and Theology, he hit the road with The Royal Lichtenstein Circus, doing comedy, magic, wire-walking, sword-swallowing, juggling and cat-herding … literally. He has acted in theater, film, TV and voiceover, and has done standup comedy and has toured nationally and internationally, both solo and with The Waybacks.

To quote the Strawberry Music Festival:
Stevie Coyle and Glenn Houston make up the dynamic guitar duo, The Quitters. Having each quit some of the best bands in the business, both are late founding members of The Waybacks and each have performed at Strawberry in other configurations. Stevie Coyle has a long and illustrious career as an entertainer that began well before birth, and Glenn Houston’s well decorated history in music is best known to Berryheads for his founding role of powerhouse Americana quintet Houston Jones. As individuals, both are renowned players in music circles. Now they have joined forces, to the delight of California audiences, to become a right-handed, right-side-up fingerpicking and left-handed upside-down flatpicking twosome.

“Mostly acoustic. Some electric. Much serendipity.”

the Strawberry Music Festival

“Mostly acoustic. Some electric. Much serendipity.”

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